Elder Abuse? But Who Cares

Have you ever felt like taking your frustrations out on someone or something. Well, today is just what I felt.

But, thank goodness, the in-built safety-catch was set on by years of patient teachings by my parents. So, here I am channeling my energy in a different way. (My poor, old keyboard got the bashings again.)

Just finished talking with a friend who has all the nitty-gritty details of an Elder Abuse case.  No, not one of those horror stories that occurred in nursing homes.  This one is one of those that occurred in ‘the general community’.

Oh, no – not one of those that nobody cares about.  Afterall, who cares about the seniors if their own children could not even show ‘normal’ care and compassion.

Tut-tut.  Now we must NOT go down that road.  We all, hopefully, reach that age sooner or later. It is really frightening to know that there are so-called family members who, in spite of their better education, can inflict such atrocities on their parents.

Let me see…. When was the last time my own children called on me. Mmmm…

Anyway, I think I am quite safe at the moment as I still have my mental faculties. But, what if………

Well, my fellow CyberResidents, do leave your comments here.  I would love to hear from anyone regarding these issues.  Keeps me busy and sane.


Strange But Effective

I found a blog that seems interesting. Thought I should include it here.

The author listed a number of “tips” about How to Steal an Estate.  Further reading of the post, revealed the real purpose of that post.  Apparently, the so-called tips for ’stealing an estate’ were actual techniques used by elder abusers.

The blog Spotlight on Elder Abuse

If you have more sites on the issues of Elder Rights, Elder Abuse or Ageism, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  As I am a new ElderBlogger I would appreciate any suggestions to improve this blog.

My main aim is to provide a platform for highlighting the need for better understanding of Elder Rights and how upholding the rights of seniors can, perhaps, stop Elder Abuse and Ageism

Seniors (the definitive age is often depending on where you are located) have grown older but we have NOT suddenly become Invisible.  Far from it. We are living longer and are often more active and most importantly; experienced in life.